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The World As A Jewel "

Hagai Geffen is a designer with a huge passion and love for nature, craft and art.
Growing up in a small quaint village, he started collecting everything that was beautiful in his eyes such as stones, knives, art pieces and old jewelry.
After meeting the girl of his dreams and her passion for fashion, Hagai understood that what he wanted the most is to design jewelry and thus he began his journey to become a jewelry designer.

Hagai joined the Shenkar college of engineering and design in 2008. "Shenkar" is a highly reputable institution for it's curriculum and standard of education.

After graduating, Hagai received his design degree with high distinctions.

​Hagai specializes in crafting fine jewelry for woman and men of all ages and is known for his unique ability to fit the jewel to his client's desire and personality.
Once you meet Hagai, you will see and feel the passion in his eyes for crafting jewelry that haven't been seen before which make his designs so unique and breathtaking.

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